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Usui Reiki Level One Class-Bally,Pa

Gwynn McGroggan - Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher

Sunday August 19,2018

20 N Front Street Bally Pa

Estimated Time: 9:45 am -5:00 pm

$250.00 1st time Students

This beautiful class is for those who have not studied Usui Reiki

or for those of you who may wish to take a refresher course.This is a special weekday class creted just for you

Your Investment for this beautiful class is $250 for 1st time students.Class includes 1 day of Class time while learning about Reiki, brief history ,hands on use and support of Usui Reiki Level I.You will receive William Lee Rand's Reiki The Healing Touch 1st & 2nd degree manual, attunement to Usui Reiki I, and Usui Reiki I Certificate upon completion of this course.
Please contact me to register/registration/payment with form due 1 week prior to class

Usui Reiki Level Two Class / Perkasie, Pa & Bally Pa

Gwynn McGroggan - Usui Karuna Reiki Master / Teacher

Saturday July 21,2018 Perkasie
Estimated Time 12:45 pm-6 pm
Sunday September 30,2018 Bally
Estimated Tie 9:45am-5pm

Prerequisite Usui Reiki Level One
This class is a 1 day training~ Estimated time of class is 9am - 3pm
$250.00 1st time Students
$200 Refresher Rate for students who have studied with another Usui Master
$150 for students who have studied this level with me
$0 for Teacher Student

This beautiful class is for those of you who have had Usui Reiki I training. Usui Reiki Level II is a deepening of one's practice. You will learn and be attuned to three Usui Reiki symbols.These symbols are useful during a treatment session as well as sending distance Reiki.The symbols you will learn and will be attuned to are the power symbol,distance and the mental/emotional symbols.You will also learn several techniques along with distance healing and hands on practice with these symbols in class.Your investment for 1st time students is $250. You will receive William Lee Rand's Reiki The Healing Touch 1st & 2nd degree manual (if you do not already have it) hand outs,attunement to Usui Reiki level II,hands on class time, support and a Certificate upon completion of the class.
Payment plans are available and I now take Paypal payments.
Students must preregister with me before classes.
Please call or email me to start planning your Usui Reiki II class today.

Usui Reiki Level III /ART/ Class -TBA

This class is a 1 day training~ Estimated time of class is 9:45 am - 5pm
$350.00 1st time Students

Prerequisite Reiki Level Two
The power of your Reiki energy becomes even greater during this special ART / Level 3 Usui Reiki class. You will receive the Usui Reiki Master Symbol . We will work with crystals and a grid, and learn a beautiful moving meditation ! For your investment will receive William Lee Rand's Master Manual, attunement to Master Symbol,hands on class time and your certificate for Usui Reiki ART /Reiki III.This class flows beautifully into the Usui Teacher Training or onto Karuna Reiki when you are ready!

Usui Reiki Master/ Teacher Class - Bally Pa

Sunday's September 16 & October 14 2018


Prerequisite Reiki III /ART/ Master
This class is a 2 day training for Usui Reiki Masters.You will be attuned to the symbols for passing on Usui Reiki attunements. You will learn how to attune all 3 levels and by guided on how to create your own practice.Included Teacher Binder,Manuals (if you do not already own them) attendance to Reiki Kid's through Reiki Master classes within 1 year with Gwynn.You will be supported with moving foward on your Usui Teacher Path.
Estimated time of class time each day is is 9:45am - 4pm

Parent/ Kids Reiki Class -Bally,Pa

Contact Gwynn to create your own private class

Investment : $100

Abunadant Blessings to you
In Peace,
Gwynn McGroggan-Usui Karuna Reiki
® Master/Teacher /Practitioner